Our Approach

Our Philosophy/Values

  • Locally-generated solutions drive long-term project success.

  • Social and ecological health assures economic vitality long-term.

  • Working across generations, sectors, and disciplines creates holistic solutions.

  • Commitment builds trust, enables mindful change, and fosters peace across cultural differences.


Our Process

  • Emphasize listening, learning, and inclusive processes.

  • Outreach vastly diverse perspectives to inform our projects.

  • Invite collaboration, feedback, and questions - contact us today.

  • Regularly update our processes, exchange/education programs, and projects with our learnings.

  • Build trust/understanding via people-to-people, community-to-community dialogs and relationships.


Our Impact Strategy

  • Learn from both successes and mistakes.

  • Increase social and environmental impacts by transparently sharing our learnings and processes.

  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness by working with the SROI Network to evaluate our investments and impacts socially, ecologically, and economically.




© 2020 Lanyi Fan

All funds raised by Lanyi Fan are received by Omprakash nonprofit organization and become the sole property of Omprakash which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to Lanyi Fan. Lanyi Fan makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by Omprakash for approval.