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Our Approach

Our Philosophy/Values

  • Locally-generated solutions drive long-term project success.

  • Social and ecological health assures economic vitality long-term.

  • Working across generations, sectors, and disciplines creates holistic solutions.

  • Commitment builds trust, enables mindful change, and fosters peace across cultural differences.


Our Process

  • Emphasize listening, learning, and inclusive processes.

  • Outreach vastly diverse perspectives to inform our projects.

  • Invite collaboration, feedback, and questions - contact us today.

  • Regularly update our processes, exchange/education programs, and projects with our learnings.

  • Build trust/understanding via people-to-people, community-to-community dialogs and relationships.


Our Impact Strategy

  • Learn from both successes and mistakes.

  • Increase social and environmental impacts by transparently sharing our learnings and processes.

  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness by working with the SROI Network to evaluate our investments and impacts socially, ecologically, and economically.

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